-διαδηλώνει ο Giannis Stamatakis

A lie goin’ on forever
A rotten deal on our head
Banksters deal in bloodshed
And the stock markets sort out the dead – yeah

Indoctrination, fear, submission
They load the dice as we play
Let the old world crumble swiftly
Lambs to the slaughterhouse – never again

We pave our way in fire
Our time is now here at last
They’re going down!

Hey Mr. Peaceful Man
Minding your fucking business
Dumb and pathetic as hell
Down crawling like a worm
Advise me to be silent I
Spit at your face
Won’t have your way no more

We ‘re taking back the power
Their kingdoms will burn to the ground

They ‘re going down!
They ‘re going down!


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