Like a candy

–στα λόγια η Βαρβάρα Ναυπλιώτη

And what if
when I see you in my dreams
you see me too
And our desire to touch
Is so strong
That we keep meeting

In my dreams I touch your face
Lean forward
And kiss you soflty
Can you feel that?

Can you hear my heartbeat
It’s too strong when you’re near me
I feel it too
It’s for you
Seeing you makes me happy
When I laugh with you I become a child again
I love your smile

Nah I’m not dreaming
This is real
You love me too as I do
I can feel it now
You’re so gentle

No one was
And no one will be like you
My love
Yeah that’s you
My very first big love

It’s so warm inside your heart
I’m sure you can make me melt
And eat me like candy
Your candy.

-φωτογραφία από Pinterest


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