–στα λόγια η Βαρβάρα Ναυπλιώτη

Remember that time
When you pushed me away?
You said all kinds of stuff to keep me away
But you see
you can’t erase the love
You can’t unsee the facts
They are here
The happy memories of us
The deep love we have
I know you feel it as I do

Remember that time?
Oh I’m sure you do

You know it’s hard for me to do this
Not to think you as my lover
As my lovely one
My special one

That I have to pull you out of my heart
I can’t do that
You’ll always be there
I’m sorry babe
I can’t unlove you

Can you feel my love?
Oh I’m sure you do

Remember that time?
When we were slow-dancing in the park
In the middle of the night?
That time was precious to me
Like all the moments we had
I wish that we could spent lots of days like this
Dancing dreaming making plans..

I know I must let go
You made that clear
But it’s hard
Damn it’s hard

Maybe you can teach me
How to forget all these moments we had
How to unlove someone who meant everything
But you…
Oh you did it
How could you?

Remember that time?
When we first met
I knew then
I knew then it will hurt like hell when you leave
I came up true at last…

-φωτογραφία από Pinterest


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