The Lady of Thorns

-στα λόγια ο Σπύρος Μάρκος

My skin is made of Green Leaves
In the Trees and the Tall Bushes I hide
No one can see me and that’s fine.
It is safe that way
And I also can’t see anyone
Just pink masses passing by.
But I like it that way, I enjoy the silence
It’s safe that way.
I also love the sound of silence
I like dancing to it, as the breeze takes me
To new places I can hide.
I hide but I’m not a Coward
I hide but I’m not Afraid
I hide but that’s not my Home
I hide because that’s all I know
And it feels safe.

Sometimes people can see me
When I’m not careful enough or
When people have sharp eyes I guess
Maybe both.
But this girl found me
She is also made of flowers
But she’s not the Lady of the Flowers
Though she stole the keys to my house
And then locked herself out.
An Armor of Thorns she wears
That protects her from the strange world outside.
She seems Fragile but she’s definitely not THAT Fragile

Embrace me she asks as she lends me her hand.
Stunned by her beauty
And her flaming eyes I give my hand to her.
Without a second thought
I fall inside her
Surrendered in time
Both in body and mind.
She taught me how to dance
How to use a spoon
She helped me tidy myself and dress properly
And leave my green armor of leaves behind in such sort time.
I was a good learner and she was a great teacher.
When I wasn’t at ease with my new reality
Her hands tucked me to sleep
And I felt safe there.

But an armor of Thorns she wears
An armor I cannot penetrate
An armor I can’t take out
As much as I try to undress her.
Everytime I hug her it hurts
But it’s fine, I try to tell to myself:
‘I like the pain, pain is real
Pain does me good and my blood
Makes flowers grow when it drops on the floor’
But pain is not my Home
And now I’m Afraid
Afraid that I’ll look like a Coward
Afraid that I’m Afraid
Afraid that I’m not Home
Afraid that this is all I know
Afraid that no one will tuck me to sleep tonight
Afraid that I brought this to myself.

That means I have to leave my new home
Go away from this Lady of Thorns.
That means I have to wear my Green Skin of Leaves
And hide again.
But I’m not afraid of Thorns anymore
Her thorns taught me well
Her thorns left me scars I can now turn into Art
Because her Thorns were Art
She was Art.
And I’m grateful she noticed me
Cause she gave me an enchanted book
That transports me back into her arms when I read it.

-φωτογραφία από τον Hollis Brown Thornton


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