Your chain

–στα λόγια η Βαρβάρα Ναυπλιώτη

The chain I use to weave with flowers
And you were so happy
So pretty with them
White and yellow! Oh that’s right

When I was saying «you’re a good girl»
You were spinning your tail like crazy
You were jumping and playing
You were happy.

Your chain is what I have now
You are gone
I only have your chain
A vessel to you for me

A reminder of us
Of our good days together
Your happy face when you were playing
Sad when you were yelled at
Sorry when you did something bad
You didn’t do bad things
Only mistakes of happiness

You were clumsy
But how could I stay mad
When you were saying sorry?

How could I not spoil you
When you were looking me like that?

The last moments with you
Were so priceless
I couldn’t know
The image of yours is stuck in my mind
It’s Killin my insides

You come to my sleep sometimes
Sometimes making me tear
Other times I’m happy
Cause we play together
You re my favorite
Yeah you still are
And always will be

You were loved
I hope you knew that
I wish I could say that to you
But I know I’ll see you again
And then I will tell you

I have them all here
All the memories
The feelings
All of them
In your Chain
See you in heaven again.

-φωτογραφία από Pinterest


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